Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 98: Dad, Are We There Yet?

It's like the last couple of weeks of pregnancy. Idiots are saying Wow, you're getting so close and Don't worry, it's all worth it or You are 'due' already? That sure went by fast, didn't it? 

Holy Smokes.

It's like driving along in the car on a family road trip. The brothers are teasing the sisters and the sisters are whacking the brothers with the blonde heads of the partially-clad barbies and the mom is making bologna sandwiches in the front seat and the Dad is losing his cool. And then someone says it. Dad, are we there yet?

Good grief.

Even if a renovation is on schedule, which sadly, ours is not quite, the time does not pass quickly for the one doing the dishes in the laundry sink and forgetting to put the washing machine drain hose back in the sink afterwards and then flooding the laundry room while doing actual laundry.


And when I am near the brink of despair, picking wood chips from the dog's hair, something changes. I hear the click of a burner ... a gas burner! I hear running water ... in the kitchen! I hear the beautiful sound of a dishwasher! After twelve months, I have a DISHWASHER!!!!

is installed on the prep island! It's spectacular!
Six burners of happiness flanked by 30 inches of convection happiness!
That is all.

make me happy.
And so does the microwave and dishwasher! 
Every girl needs a little bling!

 This is exciting! This is exhilarating! And this ...

Wait for it, Wait for it .....

May actually be WORTH IT!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 91: A Picture Isn't Worth What it Used to Be.

The whole a 'picture is worth a thousand words' thing is grossly overstated when the pictures don't really pick up the color and size and general awesomeness of the thing.

Note: And it goes without saying that my words are worth extra on account of the fact that I have lots of important things to say with my words. And to say with a flair, yes.

So here are a few pictures anyhow.

On the far wall (see the ladder?) is the compartment for my gorgeous refrigerator with pantry and storage and whatnot. On the far wall sits my cooktop and two ovens with a mosaic tile blacksplash up the whole wall. There are two islands. The larger is the prep island and the closer is the 'other island'. It doesn't have a name yet. But it will, oh yes.

From the piano nook. That's the stairway straight ahead as well.

This shot was taken after entering the house. Notice the kitchen to the left. Everything else is to the right. But pictures are not worth that many words, so you can't SEE it, you see.

Here's where the whole color thing is hard to see. It's Classic Gray on the left and Thunder on the other two walls. But you kinda need to see it.

In other news, I have concluded that today, August 6, 2012, is the last day that I will cook anything in my laundry room. I've had it up to here with dishes in the laundry sink and laundry in the kitchen and using the washing machine for a drying rack and sweating over a hot cooktop. It's over, folks!

Yup. That's the fat lady you hear singing.

Heck, yes!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 78: If the Sheets are a Rockin', Then don't Come a Knockin'!

Yes, we have been rockin' the sheets around here. 

Note: Simmer down, everyone. Sheetrock. Drywall.

Big News! It almost appears as if we are going to have an actual house again. A house with walls and floors and maybe even stuff inside of it.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The floors went in and for a brief moment, we caught glimpses of the glory. We caught glimpses because as soon as it went down, it was covered. 

Good grief. Can't I just have a little joy?

My flooring guys did a great job. But they worked in slow motion. Sometimes I believe that they actually went backward. I'm not kidding. Note: I am kidding. But barely.

This photo was taken about 3 weeks later. No it wasn't. It just felt like it!

Then the drywall guys got started. It took a full day for them to bring the 'rock' into the house. My little house sits down from the street with a brick walkway to the front door. The dudes used a cart and it kept rolling out of control which was terribly entertaining, indeed.

Note: The posts will be wrapped with wood and painted. Do not be alarmed.

From the Kitchen
Walls! Pot lights!

From the 'Piano'
Walls! Kitchen Outlets!

From the Front Door
Walls! 12 Foot Sliders!

So, to save a buck or two thousand five hundred, The Hub and I will be painting this weekend. Our color? 

Sidewalk Gray
Benjamin Moore

Think of us while you are swimming. Or boating. Or picnicking. Or shopping. Or lounging. On your fat behinds.


Heck, yes!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 62: I'm Living in a Bubblegum Factory!

After spending a few delightful days in Houston with the Little Grand and after spending a few delightful days at home with The Big Grand and after spending a few deplorable days on my deathbed, I have risen from the ashes to find that I live in a Bubble Gum Factory!

Note: Whoever said that orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.

It almost looks tasty enough to eat!

Another benefit is that the room gives my complexion a decidedly rosy glow!

Just little old me getting acquainted with a stack of hardwood flooring.

And tomorrow? Well, tomorrow that hardwood flooring gets laid.

Yeah, I said it.

The end is in sight!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day Forty-Three: And Now a Word from Our Appliances

So, the whole construction thing is a little on the slow side lately. Sure, the Electrician is electrifying and the Plumber is plumbing and the Builder is building stuff. But wires and pipes sticking out of walls may or may not be riveting photos on the blog.

Note: Not.

So, today we will discuss ... appliances, which may be sitting in my garage just waiting!

First, the great love of my life...

Welcome Thermador Built-in Refrigerator!

And then, in no preferential order, my other buddies.

I've got two of these babies.
Convection everything, meat probe, Whatnot
Six Burners of Love on my Thermador Gas Rangetop

My Haier Dishwasher.
Just the thought of a dishwasher again makes me giddy!

Microwave Drawer! Awesome Concept.

The Hub's Great Joy.
Electrolux Icon Trash Compactor. His life is Complete.

Someday in the not too distant future, I shall be doing dishes and laundry at the same time ... and NOT in the same sink!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Day Thirty-Six. Is it Hot in Here? Or is Just Me?

So, I'm sitting in my living room/guestroom/computer room which is currently about 8,000 degrees, give or take 1,000 degrees or so. The 55" t.v. screen is like a giant heater and the 27" computer monitor is like a giant heater. 

Note: Maybe I should put on a swimsuit and see if the don't-sit-so-close to the t.v.-or-you'll-go blind rays will give me a nice, golden tan.

And I am parched, on account of the heat. And the fact that the water is currently shut off. But I'm not complaining, no. Not yet.

Later, perhaps.

Things are happening. The framing is mostly complete, the demo is mostly complete, the windows are mostly complete and our bank account is mostly deplete.

So, take a look:

The New Elevation
from the back of the house

The New Elevation
from the northwest-ish side of the house
Note: Doug could have spent all day trying to figure out the directionality of the house.
Turns out I'm kinda gifted with this kind of thing. Thanks, Morrie Dalton!

The Great Room
is really great! The structural support is done!

The Great Window Hoist
How many Dudes does it take to pull 12' Sliders up to their location?

Mission Accomplished!
both sliders are now safely installed with very little injury

The Hub in the 'Dining Room'
Nothing like a little dinner with Netflix and a View!
So now the Plumber and Electrician and Heating/Cooling Guy and CabinetMaker and Stone Fabricator are all doing their things to keep this project rolling, with unfortunately, just a few changes from the finicky homeowners.

And, by the way, I may or may not have catered a dinner for 200 people this weekend.

Note: And I may or not be pretty darn amazing.

Heck, yes!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day Twenty-Three: The 'Finish' Line, Sort Of.

Not the finish line that one might think because today, I deviate.

Note: Please keep your deviant thoughts to yourself.

Today I deviate from the construction progress report to discuss the actual important stuff: The Finishes! Ah, yes. The Bling! The Bang! The Really Scary Choices because if-people-don't like them-I can't-blame the stupid-previous-owners!

Note: However, I have a theory that if you throw enough money at nearly anything, it will look great. Therefore, things are going swimmingly.

First, the flooring.

Kobra Bamboo Flooring will cover the entire surface of the Great Room. It's actually a bit darker than this sample.
Sort of.

Not My Actual Cabinetry.
But it will be simple and white. And similar. Sort of.
Kitchen Backsplash
The tile will extend to the ceiling above the range top.

The tile wall will sort of look like this.
Sort of.
Alaska Granite will be on my Prep Island. In real life, it's kinda shimmery. Like me. Sort of.
Everest White Quartz on the Eating Island and the remaining countertops.
Yes, I said two islands. I know, I know.

 Yes, it's quite neutral, but worry not. There will be happy, glorious color!

Yellow, anyone?

Heck, yes!